Sunday, 27 April 2014

Chiang Mai

Here is a quick photo summary from our last two weeks in South East Asia. This was spent in northern Thailand around Chiang Mai. We spent half the time in the city; eating tasty street food, shopping at the night market, looking at the odd temple and going to a terrible yoga class (“Focus on your third eyyyee!”), amongst other things. Then we also had about 5 or 6 days staying near the climbing at Crazy Horse buttress about an hour from Chiang Mai. Here, there is a totally brilliant homestay called Jira Homestay (tel: 085 029 5304). This crag has some really good climbing and some really ace caves, many of which also have routes inside. After our stint of climbing we had a few final days in Chaing Mai that included riding elephants and a day of Thai cooking. After an epic journey involving a tuk-tuk, three planes, two taxis and a train we were home after an amazing three months in South East Asia!
Look out for scamp in Chiang Mai
Monk chat available in Chiang Mai
Jira Homestay - best guesthouse
Dog at the homestay ate Cat's sunnies
6c at Crazy Horse
Climbing in Windy Cave
Amazing sunbeam in Windy Cave
Cat tackling the cruxy 6c
Cat on the final moves
Cooling off
Me, gutted that my elephant has fallen over

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